Tradeable points for your proposed salary

Under the points-based immigration system, to qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa, you must be awarded 70 points in total, 20 of which are tradeable. One option of being awarded 20 tradeable points is where your proposed salary equals or exceeds certain thresholds.

If you salary for the job for which you are being sponsored equals or exceeds £25,600 per year and, in the same time, £10.10 per hour and the going rate for the occupation code, you will be awarded 20 tradeable points for your salary. Check here what the going rate for the occupation code is.

The salary will be considered as explained in this post.

No points will be awarded for your salary if you are not also being awarded the 20 mandatory points for sponsorship and the 20 mandatory points for a job at the appropriate skill level.

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