Tradeable points for being a new entrant to the labour market

Under the points-based immigration system, to qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa, you must be awarded 70 points in total, 20 of which are tradeable points. One option of being awarded 20 tradeable points is where you are a new entrant to the labour market and your proposed salary equals or exceeds a certain threshold.

Your job must be in an eligible occupation. Check here whether your job is in an eligible occupation (see Table 1 of Appendix Skilled Occupations).

You must either be under the age of 26 on the date of application, or the job offer must be for a postdoctoral position in any of the following occupation codes:
• 2111 Chemical scientists
• 2112 Biological scientists and biochemists
• 2113 Physical scientists
• 2114 Social and humanities scientists
• 2119 Natural and social science professionals not elsewhere classified
• 2311 Higher education teaching professionals.

Alternatively, the job offer must be in a UK regulated profession and you must be working towards a recognised professional qualification for that profession, or you must be working towards full registration or chartered status with the relevant professional body for the job you are being sponsored for, or your application must be for permission to stay and the your most recent permission must have been as a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Migrant.

If none of the above apply, you may satisfy the requirements where your most recent permission was as a Student, and you were sponsored (in that last permission as a Student or on a previous one, expired not more than 2 years before the date of application) to study a UK bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a UK PhD or other doctoral qualification, or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, or a Professional Graduate Diploma of Education, and you have completed (or you are expected to complete in no more than 3 months from the date of the application) such a course, or you are studying a PhD and have completed at least 12 months study in the UK towards the PhD.

Finally, if none of the above requirements is met, you may have permission granted as a Skilled Worker where your most recent permission, other than as a visitor, was as a Graduate, and that permission is either current or expired less than 2 years before the date of application.

Your salary for the job for which you are being sponsored must equal or exceed £20,480 per year and, in the same time, £10.10 per hour, and 70% of the going rate for the occupation code. Check here what the going rate for the occupation code is.

The salary will be considered as explained in this post.

No points will be awarded for being a new entrant to the labour market and for your salary if you are not also being awarded the 20 mandatory points for sponsorship and the 20 mandatory points for a job at the appropriate skill level.

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