The job you are sponsored to do must be a genuine vacancy

Under the points-based immigration system, to get your Skilled Worker Visa, you must be awarded 70 points in total, 20 of which mandatory points for sponsorship. One of the requirements which must be met for you to be awarded the points for sponsorship is that the job you are being sponsored to do must be a genuine vacancy.

The caseworker will assess whether the job you are sponsored to do is a genuine vacancy, and the points for sponsorship must not be awarded if the decision maker has reasonable grounds to believe that the job does not exist, or it exists but you will not be doing it (the job is a sham), or has been created mainly so you can apply for a Skilled Worker Visa.

Whether the job has been exaggerated to make it appear to meet the Skilled Worker requirements is considered separately, when awarding points for a job at the appropriate skill level.

If the caseworker has concerns regarding the genuineness of the vacancy, the application will be placed on hold pending further checks and the outcome of a compliance visit to the sponsor. You will be informed about it. If the outcome of these further verifications is that the sponsor’s licence is revoked, your application will be refused, and all concerns will be explained to you in the decision letter.

The Home Office guidance states that, if the decision maker believes that you are complicit in being sponsored for a vacancy which is not genuine, you may be invited to attend an interview, where the caseworker’s concerns will be put to you in clear language, and you will have the chance to respond. If you are found to be complicit with the sponsor, this will be included in the refusal decision.

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