Overview of the UK Skilled Worker Visa

Under the UK points-based immigration system, to qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa, you must be awarded 70 points in total, 20 of which mandatory points for sponsorship, 20 mandatory points for a job at the appropriate skill level, and 10 mandatory points for showing English language ability.

The other 20 points are tradeable and may be awarded to you based on whether your proposed salary equals or exceeds certain thresholds, if you have a PhD in a subject relevant to the job or a qualification in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics subject, if your job is in a shortage occupation or in a listed health or education occupation, or whether you are a new entrant to the labour market.

You need to satisfy the financial requirement and may be required to provide a criminal record certificate.

You may also need to provide a valid medical certificate confirming that you have undergone screening for active pulmonary tuberculosis and that this tuberculosis is not present in you.

Find out from this post the period which your Skilled Worker visa will be granted for if your application is successful, and from this post what your options are if your application is refused.

Your dependent partner and your dependent children can join you in the UK, and you all can settle here.

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